London Data Center Planned for Telehouse

Telehouse announced plans for a new London data center in the Docklands. The project will not be the first Docklands expansion for the company, which acquired its fourth data center location in the area in 2013.

The new Docklands data center project will cost Telehouse an estimated £135 million, or approximately $229 million, and will feature an outer shell modeled after a computer chip. Overall, the new London data center will include 23,135 square meters, or just under 250,000 square feet, of space. This new facility will be situated next to the company’s Telehouse North structure at its 770,000 square foot, campus.

The London facility will offer a range of hybrid services for data center colocation clients that need to leverage both cloud and physical data center space.

Telehouse’s Data Center Expansion
Overall, the organization operates 45 data centers across the globe in EMEA, the Americas and the Asia-Pacific areas. In London alone, Telehouse has a total of 73,000 square meters, or more than 785,000 square feet, of data center space, making it the data center service provider with the largest footprint in the region.

Docklands: A London Data Center Hub
Telehouse isn’t the only company to expand its Docklands data center footprint, and the area has quickly become a hub of computing activity. As client demands increased, more organizations came to the region, constructing facilities not only in London, but outside the city as well. Currently, more than 300 facility operators provide services in the London and outlying area.