Las Vegas Data Center Expansion for Cloud Hosting Firm

Cbeyond recently announced plans to expand its cloud footprint with the opening of a new Las Vegas data center. The facility will provide needed technology and infrastructure resources for small and mid-sized businesses in the Western United States.

The opening of the new Nevada data center doubles the company’s cloud infrastructure capacity and enables additional support for the computing requirements of SMBs and managed services providers in the region. Through the Las Vegas facility, clients have access to the organization’s TotalCloud(R) Data Center platform, managed hosting and other cloud connectivity resources. The new data center also leverages the company’s dedicated network and its connectivity partners’ high speed near-net fiber networks for boosted bandwidth integration.

The opening of the new structure makes a number of offerings available for regional clients, including business continuity, disaster recovery, offsite backup and data replication. Additionally, the Las Vegas data center is Service Organization Controls certified, a vital requirement for clients seeking specific industry or security compliance that falls under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or the Payment Card Industry standards.

Las Vegas’ Attractive Data Center Resources
In addition to Cbeyond’s growing service footprint in Nevada, OffsiteDataSync announced a new partnership with Cobalt Data Centers late last year to further the companies’ efforts in the Las Vegas area. ODS noted that they will lease space in Cobalt’s Cheyenne facility, a Tier III structure featuring 20,000 square feet of data center colocation space and 5.5 megawatts of critical power.

Cobalt noted that Las Vegas is ideal for data centers due to a number of environmental and resourceful advantages in the area, which have attracted several service providers to expand their service footprint in Nevada. The region offers a naturally mild climate and is a “safe zone” from natural disasters. Furthermore, the dry Las Vegas air allows for more effective cooling than more humid climates.

Nevada also boasts a number of data center tax incentives, and is known for being a low tax state. Tax benefits for service providers include tax abatement and deferral programs as well as payroll and property tax abatements.

Cobalt pointed out the preferable power resources available for data centers in Nevada, including in-state power plants, imported electricity and overall low utility costs. Local supplier NV Energy also recently updated its power plant infrastructure, providing the most up-to-date power resources for clients in the area.

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