Japan Data Centers Planned For KDDI

KDDI announced plans in August to add two Japan data centers to its growing global presence. The telecom is investing $270 million to construct the facilities within the portfolio of subsidiary Telehouse.

Both of the new facilities will offer high-density colocation data center services and are being built to meet the requirements for Tier III certification. The new buildings will also be constructed to withstand earthquakes through the use of a long-period absorption structure. The recent investment brings KDDI’s total Telehouse data center footprint to nearly 4 million square feet across 13 countries.

The new construction includes an Osaka data center, planned to be opened in August 2015, and a Tokyo data center, projected to open in February 2016. The Osaka facility will feature space for 700 racks with up to 30kVA per rack. The location makes the building ideal for disaster recovery operations for businesses with data stored in Tokyo. KDDI’s Tokyo data center offers the highest available power in Japan, featuring 1,300 racks with 42kVA power supply. The facility is also designed with data center sustainability in mind and features a 1.31 PUE rating, making it one of the most energy efficient data centers in Japan.

With the new investment, KDDI aims to improve its ability to deliver hosting services for IT-heavy infrastructures and meet the increasing demand for cloud environments. Both private enterprise clouds and public cloud service providers, as well as online and media content companies, are expressing a greater need for hosted solutions. By creating new dual facilities, KDDI is able to provide combined data center solutions while also offering clients access directly to their global network.