Data Center Finance: Cologix Announces Acquisition of Colo5

Cologix announced in early September that it had acquired colocation and disaster recovery provider Colo5.

Acquiring Colo5 allows Cologix to take on the Florida data center company’s more than 225,000 square feet of server space in two hurricane-resistant, enterprise-ready facilities. The deal includes a Jacksonville data center encompassing 125,000 square feet and a Lakeland data center with 100,000 square feet of available space.

“We’re firm believers that Jacksonville as a market is poised for significant growth in the next one, five or more years,” said Graham Williams, chief commercial officer of Cologix. “And we’re excited to expand our presence and capabilities in Jacksonville. Our capabilities and those of Colo5 are complementary of each other and also allows us to serve our customers better.”

While the Jacksonville area is likely to grow in the coming years, Lakeland is also an ideal location for data centers. The city is conveniently located between Tampa and Orlando, making it a reliable choice for primary or secondary IT sites for businesses located in either city.

Cologix also operates a Florida data center wired with subsea cables that run from the facility to Central and South America. This building is able to serve as a colocation data center, connection hub and telecom carrier hotel. Being able to connect two more facilities to this wide-ranging network is a boon for the company.

This most recent acquisition is the ninth such deal for Cologix. With the ownership of Colo5, Cologix now operates 20 data centers in eight markets.