Iowa Data Center Receives Another Billion Dollar Investment By Google

Google's Council Bluffs, Iowa data center will be receiving another $1 billion from the company as an investment. This expansion will take the form of a new four story data center building, which will be the 1,000-acre campus's third facility. 

On-site staff is expected to more than double as a result of this investment, leading to upwards of 70 new high-tech jobs. Iowa is giving the company almost $20 million back in sales and use tax refunds for its construction project. 

Google, to its credit, is responding to the data center tax incentives by donating large sums to non-profits and area schools, as well as deploying free Wi-Fi coverage to mobile devices, laptops and other electronics to the Council Bluffs area. 

Despite the large cost of this particular upgrade, $1 billion is on the small side for Google's investments. The company has spent $11 billion so far on real estate, production and similar expenses related to its data centers.

This is only the latest in Iowa data center construction by a major tech company. Microsoft has two billion-dollar data centers in the area, and Facebook is currently building one as well. 

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