Iowa Data Center built by Microsoft

A new Iowa data center is being built by Microsoft. This major new development, which cost Microsoft $1.1 billion dollars, is stirring major headlines in Iowa.

"This is the first type of project like this that Microsoft has ever done. It's probably one of the largest data centers that anybody has ever done in the country," said Clyde Evans, West Des Moines Economic Development director.

The facility is over 1 million square feet, and is currently being built by hundreds of construction workers. The city of West Des Moines has also invested $87 million in infrastructure around the Iowa data center.

The first phase of this structure will be constructed by the summer of 2015, although it is currently behind schedule. 

A technological giant
Microsoft already has a number of large data centers. Its Chicago data center is one of the most expansive ever built at over 700,000 square feet. It is no surprise that there will likely be others coming from the technological giant. The company already delivers over 200 cloud services. It has over $5 billion invested in infrastructure, which makes it one of the largest data centers operators in the world.

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