India Data Center Collaboration by Netmagic and NTT Communications

Recently, Netmagic and NTT Communications announced the launch of a joint India data center project. The organizations worked collaboratively to develop and construct Netmagic’s newest data center in Electronic City, Bangalore. The 100,000 square foot facility adds to Netmagic’s growing service footprint and will help support the region’s expanding market.

This India data center represents the first time the two companies have built a complete data center together from the ground up, utilizing both groups’ expertise in engineering and operations. The new facility is Netmagic’s second Bangalore data center, and its eighth in the country. Overall, the organization operates more than 140 facilities around the world, including data centers in North America, Europe and Australia.

Providing for client needs
Netmagic noted that the new India data center will provide much needed resources for current clients in the area, as well as businesses seeking data center colocation, dedicated hosting, cloud computing, IT infrastructure monitoring, management and security services. The structure will help boost the company’s market position in India.

“Given the large concentration of data intensive activities in Bangalore, our objective is to accommodate enterprises’ demand to house their critical IT infrastructure closer to them, as well as ensure that our data centers have the scalability to meet their growing needs, while offering highly efficient services at the same time,” said NTT Communications president and CEO Akira Arima.

The new data center will also serve to supply multinational corporations with IT infrastructure and other data center services. As NTT Communications and Netmagic both operate worldwide, this will foster the growth of both companies and expand their service footprints. Arima also noted that the Bangalore market has considerable potential for growth, but is currently supply-constrained.

Plans for further growth
Netmagic CEO Sharad Sanghi told Business Standard that the company is working to develop additional capacity in Mumbai, Chennai, Noida and Pune as well, similar to the approach they took with their Bangalore expansion.

Netmagic’s next project will likely take place in Mumbai, and Sanghi noted that the facility constructed there will be more than twice the size of the new Bangalore data center. He said the Mumbai facility will be built in phases, a strategy the company uses for most of its projects, and will have approximately 50,000 square feet of white space.

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