German Data Center Offers Increased Security for T-Systems

Deutsche Telekom’s IT services subsidiary T-Systems announced in July that its new German data center offers both physical and legal protection against data breaches and government surveillance.

The German data center in Biere has a twin facility in nearby Magdeburg. The two operations will work in tandem to provide undisrupted service in the event of an outage. Once fully completed, the Biere data center will be the largest server farm in Germany and one of Europe’s biggest cloud data centers. The facility covers more than 58,000 square feet and offers room for 30,000 servers.

“We are investing in Germany as a center of IT business because German data protection standards are highly valued,” said Deutsche Telekom CEO Timotheus Hoettges. “Our customers now have a ‘high tech Fort Knox’ from a cloud provider they trust fully. IT made in Germany is in demand. We would be very pleased if the political framework continues to make ambitious IT projects possible in Germany.”

The German data center includes multiple security features, such as thermal imaging camera, specially trained guards, electronic gateways and server rooms only accessible by drawbridge-like elevated platforms. Data stored within the facility’s servers is encrypted, protecting it from outside eyes as it travels.

The facility was built with data center sustainability in mind. Modern cooling techniques are utilized to reduce the building’s total energy requirements by one-third. Because of the energy savings, the operation will be profitable by the time it reaches 40 percent capacity.The Biere data center is also one of only 10 in the world to receive an international LEED Gold certification. T-Systems hopes to reduce total CO2 emissions by 20 percent within the next 6 years.

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