France Data Center Opened by Jaguar Network

A France data center has been opened by Jaguar Network, a provider of hosting services. Jaguar Network's new center is notable because it is the first non-U.S. company to get an Open-IX certification. This standard was created by Open-IX, a non-profit, to provide a global standard in data center interconnection.

In past years, Open-IX certificates have gone only to North American data centers. In fact, there have been about 25 data centers in the United States that have received this award. 

The French Jaguar Network site in Marseille is a particularly good spot for a newly certified center to be in. It is ideally located for access to much of Eurasian and African continents. The data center is poised, thanks to this location and its strong connection principles, to be a leader in the market.

"We are proud of receiving this award. Our data center is the first in France and Europe to be approved and this certification represents an achievement and a measure of the excellent work done by Jaguar Network teams," said Kevin Polizzi, CEO of Jaguar Network.

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