Delaware Data Center May Be State Funded

A Delaware data center may be in the works, alongside a power plant in Middletown. Cirrus Delaware LLC, the corporation that is behind the Middletown project, has already submitted a request for state aid equivalent to the amount provided by this bill. This is only the beginning of funding the new data center, however, as Cirrus would still need additional approval from economic development officials in order to receive more of the grant money it would need to build the new center.

There has been some opposition in the area to the data center, mostly due to the fact that it is being bundled with a new power plant. A local group, Residents Concerned About the Middletown Power Plant, or RCAMPP, has questions about emissions, air and noise pollution, and other issues. Many things, however, are being opposed in the Delaware budget bill because of political conflicts around its passing. The bill itself was only passed very close to the end of the state's time limit, due to gridlock within the house. It remains to be seen if any of these conflicts will continue after the bill passes.

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