Delaware Data Center Proposed in Middletown​

A new proposal for a Delaware data center has been approved by the Middletown Planning and Zoning Commission. The current plan is for a 220,000 square foot technology center with a detached 52.5 megawatt power generation facility. 

This new proposal comes on the heels of a much larger plan for a 279 MW facility that was rejected by the University of Delaware last year. As with the previous proposal, there are concerns about noise and emissions with the new center. The plan for job creation, however, looks fairly strong. The Middletown Technology Center will likely employ over 2,000 people while it is being built, and the complex will provide 125 full-time jobs.

During times when the facility isn't using its full power allotment, it may wind up selling back power to the grid, which would keep its footprint on the town's operations relatively small. 

The Middletown data center is being sold primarily as something that is not in any way affiliated with the recent failed Newark project, which appeared to be an attempt to dissuade critics from comparing the two proposals. 

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