Continuum Plans Facility in Chicago Suburbs

New Continuum Holdings recently announced a long-term lease on a data center facility in West Chicago.

Originally planned as a Tier III data center, the site's former owner never completed construction. NCHC will complete the original construction plans and add additional design modifications in preparation of the facility's launch in summer 2014. The data center for lease will offer enterprise customers colocation solutions, making devices, space and bandwidth available for business data. NCHC COO Tom Chaffin said  that the company plans to create the ultimate risk aversion data center at the Chicago location. 

The data center design includes special infrastructure modifications for complete disaster mitigation, including above-ground fuel tanks and an on-premise pumping station to power emergency generators. The four 2.5 megawatt generators can provide up to 72 hours of continuous power for full critical load run time in the event of electricity loss.

The facility also has a water-based evaporation/recirculation cooling system with four 700-ton chilling towers and four 770-ton parallel turbines. Furthermore, the 140,000 gallons of water used in the system are stored in four in-ground water tanks, which utilize the naturally cool temperatures of the earth for temperature efficiency.

Tom Chaffin said the Tier III colocation market in the area is among the strongest in the nation, and hopes their new Chicago data center will help meet the needs of local customers.

The company was formed by administrators of Continuum Data Centers, including Eli D. Scher, Gary Chaffin and Tom Chaffin.

"I am thrilled to be working with Gary and Tom on this transaction, Scher told Data Center Knowledge. "I am confident that together we can build on the strong foundation that CDC has established and deliver value and quality service to our customers for years to come."

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