Carrier-Neutral Colocation Data Center Trend Growing

CyrusOne recently released a report outlining the growing trend of businesses leveraging the services of carrier-neutral colocation data centers for colocation and disaster recovery needs. Instead of utilizing the offerings of a carrier hotel, enterprises are more often opting to use neutral services in combination with the National Internet Exchange.

According to the report, choosing a carrier neutral data center provides a number of benefits for corporations, including relief from the limited space and availability often seen in carrier hotels. Furthermore, utilizing a carrier hotel within an Internet Exchange facility often results in high hardware setup and maintenance costs, which may not be financially possible for many companies.

As a result, more organizations are entrusting their active-active, active-passive and active-disaster recovery interconnection demands to carrier-neutral data center service providers within the National IX community. This move comes with the added benefit of lower colocation data center service costs, as well as scalable resources to match the client’s current and future demands.

Josh Snowhorn, CyrusOne vice president and Interconnection general manager, noted that many organizations in today’s corporate environment have strict requirements when it comes to their production and business continuity strategies.

“Most companies require high-quality data centers connected together within specific latency parameters to enable asynchronous and synchronous replication,” Snowhorn said.

To ensure the availability of cost-effective, scalable resources, an overarching trend has shifted clients toward carrier-neutral facilities, such as those operated by CyrusOne.

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