Big Six Data Centers Stable Quarterly Revenue Growth

The Big Six Data Center companies enjoyed a mellow first quarter earnings cycle with growth in revenues and no big surprise announcements that would concern investors.

Q1 Data Center Revenue Growth

Q1 Data Center Revenue Growth

Year over year is Q1 2013 compared to Q1 2014. Sequential growth is Q4 2013 compared to Q1 2014.

While growth rates are down compared to 2013, shown in the chart below, most data center providers find that activity is slower early in the calendar year, making it too early to forecast if there is any significance to these rates.

Full Fiscal Year 2013 – Big Six Data Centers

Full Fiscal Year Big Six Data Centers 2013

While a slight digression back to 2013, it is interesting to note the results for allied industry participants. For the most part these organizations represent a portion of the business that feeds the data center industry in some way. RAX, AKAM, and WWW are the biggest players in the group and produced good results for the year.

Full Fiscal Year 2013 – Allied Industry Participants

Full Fiscal Year Allied Industry Participants 2013





While from an investor perspective revenue is interesting, it does not reflect returns. Our reporting on revenue growth is based on a market dynamics perspective, and reflects how the industry as a whole is growing.

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