Arizona Modular Data Center Approach Completed By CyrusOne

CyrusOne announced in mid-October that its new Phoenix data center is now fully operational.

The Arizona data center is currently 120,000 square feet, but will ultimately expand to twice that size and have the capacity to deliver 24 MW of power. The new facility is the second Phoenix data center for CyrusOne and adds more than 175,000 square feet to the company's campus in the city. When the building's expansion is complete, the campus will consist of more than 1 million square feet and offer 100 MW of power, making it one of the largest and most energy-efficient facilities in the country.

CyrusOne constructed the new Phoenix facility using a modular data center approach, and the company completed the project in less than four months.  It is believed to be the fastest a data center that has been built from the ground up in the U.S.

The Arizona data center is connected to CyrusOne's National IX Platform, which links more than a dozen of the company's enterprise facilities and third-party sites in multiple major markets. The interconnectivity of the platform allows CyrusOne to offer 100 percent uptime and enables its data centers to be compliant with a variety of industry requirements, including HIPAA and PCI.