50% of U.S. Venture Investment Goes to Bay Area

Silicon Valley is known for being the center of innovation and for start-ups that turn into booming Internet businesses. In the first quarter of 2014, the San Francisco Bay Area received 50% of U.S. venture investment according to the Venture Capital Journal. Beyond receiving such a remarkable percentage of the development funds, the city of San Francisco itself increased capital attraction from 5% in 2003 to 40% in 2013 according to VentureWire.

Investment growth in other regions has been minimal, or in some declining, while the bay area is seeing it’s largest investments of all time, followed closely by Q3 of 2013 and 2009 both in the mid-40 percentile.

The increase comes during a quarter with the highest level of investment since 2001, rising about 20% since Q4 of 2013. These numbers are yet to even approach those of the “Dot-Com” era, but they nearly double that of Q1 2009.

Venture capitalists are feeling confident about their investments in Silicon Valley, particularly in cloud, big data, cybersecurity, mobile, 3D printing, batteries, and education, according to a report by the University of San Francisco. This is the seventh consecutive quarterly increase since Q3 2007.