Will Microsoft’s Finland Data Center Ever Materialize?

A Finland data center, which was to be built by Microsoft as part of a 2013 deal, has yet to materialize. The now primarily theoretical data center is supposed to be a $250 million project, and a home for Microsoft customers throughout Europe. However, as of February, no construction has yet begun, nor has Microsoft created a timetable by which they are likely to complete the facility.

Finnish officials are interested in being the home of a major European data center, as the country wants to position itself as a save haven for data in Europe. However, the reliance of the country on Russia for energy and Sweden for bandwidth could make long-lasting operations there difficult.

This last January, Microsoft was still negotiating with Finnish Prime Minister Alxeander Stubbs about where the data center will go. It remains to be seen when the data center will be built, and at what point it will become active.

Finland has been pursuing options to allow it to be more connected, including a 1,100km submarine cable to carry broadband traffic from Helsinki to northern Germany.

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