Virginia Data Center Fraud Uncovered

Paul Allen, a supposed data center entrepreneur, has plead guilty to three counts of bank fraud and one count of conspiracy. Allen had promised to build a $37 million data center in Virginia. He contracted Data Knight 365, which has now been determined to be a shell company created for this purpose, to build the facility.

David St Lawrence, a citizen of Floyd County where the data center was to have been constructed, found inconsistencies in the story in 2009. The supposed world headquarters of Data Knight 365 was actually leased out to a different group. This was just the beginning of problems for people relying on this company.

Allen and a co-conspirator were accused of defrauding investors of $1.2 million in Northeastern Ohio. However, Allen was the only one charged with the crime because his partner was already in prison after being convicted for a different case. 

The citizens of Floyd County still don't have their Virginia data center, however, which means that they are likely still waiting for another organization to step in and build one. 

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