Texas Data Center For Facebook?

A new Texas data center worth nearly $1 billion may be in the cards for Facebook. Construction has been slated to begin on the Texas data center but no company has publicly stepped up to claim the site. There are bureaucratic wheels turning for a Fort Worth expansion, including financial incentives for a 110-acre data center and a facility built to cover 750,000 square feet. 

Despite the secrecy around the client that will be deployed at this new site, documents filed with the state of Texas indicate that Facebook will be using the complex. If so, it would be the second major expansion for the company in a year – it is still expanding its recent Des Moines, Iowa facility.

Part of what has made many organizations sure that the new center is being built for Facebook specifically comes from the identity of the architecture and engineering firm,  which is the same as the one Facebook used for its most recent series of centers.

Fort Worth is considered an attractive area for many companies to open up data centers due to its low cost energy market and relatively low prices on land.

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