Sydney Data Center Phase One Completed by Global Switch

Toward the end of August, Global Switch announced the opening of its new Sydney data center. The company celebrated the launch of its Sydney East wing by inviting 200 of its clients to view the new facility.

The computing structure was constructed next to Global Switch's existing Sydney West facility at its data center site near the Central Business District. Global Switch managing director Damon Reid noted that the facility's location is a critical driver of the firm's service portfolio, providing nearby access to the company's corporate customers. The site provides resources for Asia Pacific Global Switch clients as well.

Sydney Data Center Site Details
Overall, the service provider's initiative – which includes both its Sydney East and Sydney West data centers – will cost an estimated $300 million. All told, both facilities will bring 67 MW of critical power load across a combined 721,182 square feet of data center space.

Currently, the new Sydney East data center is still in its first phase, but once the three stages of the project are finished, the facility will have 280,000 square feet of space and will boast 32 MW of critical power. Sydney West, on the other hand, includes 450,000 square feet of space and 35 MW.

As of the end of August, the first stage of the new Sydney data center was operational, providing cost effective data center solutions for Global Switch clients. The new facility also has more than 50 cloud and network provider connections, which link the Sydney East and Sydney West sites with major local and international carriers.

The new Australia data center was also established with data center sustainability in mind, utilizing a free-air cooling system, a reconfigurable power distribution arrangement, as well as a specifically designed roof that provides thermal protection and reduces solar glare. Global Switch will also look to have the Sydney East data center certified by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Expanding Service Footprint
The new Sydney data center is part of Global Switch's overall initiative to expand its service footprint across the globe. The company also has a Singapore data center with an extensive sub-sea cable system infrastructure and is currently working on a new Hong Kong data center to better serve customers in the Asia Pacific region.