South Africa Data Center Unveiled by Vodacom

Vodacom Business recently announced the opening of its new South Africa data center in Midrand. The new facility is the company's eighth in the country and was specifically created to meet the rising level of hosted cloud demands from clients in the region.

The new South Africa data center will provide considerable hosting capacity for customers in the area, enabling businesses to migrate their data from on-site systems to Vodacom's share data center service infrastructure.

"Data Pak was conceived in response to faster than expected utilization of space in our first data center in Midrand," said Ermano Quartero, Vodacom Business South Africa managing executive. "We've seen that the combination of lower cost bandwidth, mobile devices, storage and computing power is driving rapid uptake of cloud services."

Quartero added that the new Midrand data center will add to the capacity of the company's other South Africa data centers, providing the scalability for Vodacom to offer IaaS, SaaS and PaaS solutions.

Currently, the company boasts 32.5 million customers in South Africa, a 70 percent increase in their client base since last year. The new facility is part of an overarching investment by Vodacom to bolster their infrastructure resources. All told, the company has invested around $12 billion within the last year to meet rising demands for data and cloud services. 

"Businesses across South Africa and further afield are recognizing that as low-cost, high speed connections become increasingly available…services can be moved off-site to optimized, cloud based data centers," Quartero said.

The new 32,0000 square foot structure was also built with data center sustainability standards from the Green Building Council of South Africa, leveraging Vocadom's green philosophy to have the least possible impact on the environment.