Philadelphia Data Center Announced For vXchnge

It was announced in July that vXchnge has leased a 70,000 square foot site to establish a Philadelphia data center. The new facility is part of the company’s plan to create “built-for-performance” data centers that address problems with localization. vXchnge plans to build similar digital facilities in 15 markets across the country to helps solve what it calls “distance to customer” issues for cloud and service providers.

Philadelphia is the third densest city in the U.S. and its data center needs are growing at a rapid pace. By improving the physical and technological limitations that many existing legacy data centers and the buildings they are house in present, vXchnge hopes to provide Philadelphia customers with the greater performance and flexibility that comes with their own micro data center. The company’s facilities are specifically geared toward accommodating compliance and regulatory needs of companies in industries like technology, financial services and healthcare.

“Our Philadelphia vXchnge facility will provide a marketplace for local and global companies that require a robust data center that serves the Philadelphia metro area,” said vXchnge CEO Keith Olsen. “To support the global and emerging brands in this marketplace, vXchnge is building a 70,000 square-foot data center that will facilitate technology deployments requiring high-density infrastructure with multiple network and service providers.”

The new Pennsylvania data center will be housed within a mixed-use office building that was once the headquarters for GlaxoSmithKline.  In the early 2000s the new owners invested $100 million in upgrading the 12-story building and redeveloping it for more modern use. Due to its proximity to the city’s major fiber-optic cable routes, the building was converted into a facility for office, telecommunications and data center use.

Along with its newest Philadelphia data center, vXchnge operates seven other facilities in four markets across the country, including centers on both coasts. The company’s Pennsylvania facility is expected to be completed by the middle of next year.