Ohio Data Center Expansion Completed by Peak10

Peak10 announced in August it had completed an expansion of its Cincinnati data center. The expansion adds an extra 5,000 square feet, including 3,800 square feet of server space, bringing the facility’s total square footage to almost 27,000 square feet.

“With all of the virtualization, our consumption of square footage has outpaced our consumption of power,” said Peak10 solutions engineer Andrew Cole. “In data centers, it’s all about power and cooling. In coming months and as consumption dictates it, we will possibly look at more expansion.”

The Ohio data center originally opened in 2008 to accommodate an influx of Cincinnati customers in the company’s neighboring Louisville, Kentucky data center. According to Cole, Peak10’s popularity in the city grew on its own. The Louisville facility was gained through an acquisition, but the demand from local Cincinnati companies created the need for a data center in the area.

Peak10 caters to companies in the healthcare, manufacturing, banking and finance and professional services industries, specializing in helping businesses meet the regulatory requirements for data storage and security. Peak10 operates 10 facilities in the U.S., including a Tampa data center that just broke ground and a Georgia data center that has entered the first phase of construction.