New York Data Center Opened by, a Florida based regional colocation business, recently expanded its cloud data center offerings. The VPS business expanded to a New York data center, following its growth in Dallas, Toronto and San Francisco. Abroad, is set to expand into Singapore and the U.K.

The New York location is primarily set up to act as a cloud data center, opposite the company's Florida branch. The organization chose New York over Ashburn, Virginia, which has a faster growing data center market, as part of its long term strategy.

"Sixty percent of our customers are international, but they don't know where Ashburn is," noted CEO Marty Puranik. "A lot of our customers want to be in and requested New York. They want us in premier cities."

This strategy has carried the organization through many of its major data center developments. For example, its new U.K. expansion is set in the London borough Slough. Similarly, its major expedition in Asia was placed in Singapore for the name recognition that the country brings. In this case, this is also a technically expedient move. Singapore is one of the most common initial data center locations for providers.'s Texas data center opened in 2014 to support its cloud services in Dallas. The company's cloud operations use InfiniBand and solid-state storage to provide fast connections for its clients. Many west-coast companies utilize Dallas to ensure that earthquakes won't impact their data.

This suite of New York, Singapore and London data centers offers options to those who want to use's services globally. Its California data center, which is connected through Telx, allows it to have a national presence through the U.S. as well as connections to global hotspots.

The organization was originally a dial-up provider before it went into colocation and, ultimately, cloud services. Puranik has said that the company sees 20 percent annual growth. In addition, its cloud user base continues to grow about 60 percent annually. This this is good news for the organization, it also speaks well of other cloud providers in the same area. Although they have not pursued a strategy of going after the biggest markets, it has nonetheless seen a sizable return on their investments. 

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