Netherlands Data Center Bought By Switch Datacenters

Switch Datacenters announced in September that they have purchased a Netherlands data center previously owned by Fortis.

The complex, located in the city of Woerden, is made up of two buildings totaling more than 134,500 square feet, of which 59,000 square feet is available data center space. Switch paid $14.2 million for the Tier 3 facility, which was previously leased to an unnamed cloud provider.

The Netherlands data center will require some modernization and Switch has plans to upgrade the cooling, power capacity and efficiency of the facility in order to achieve a power usage efficiency rating of less than 1.10. To reach this goal, the company has committed to using 100 percent green energy for the complex, as well as other data center sustainability methods like the most recent, ultra-efficient cooling machines.

Switch intends to use the Woerden data center as a twin facility to its existing Amsterdam data center. The two complexes offer more than 148,000 square feet of energy-efficient and network-rich data center space, making Switch one of the largest providers in the Netherlands. In the near future the company plans to install a direct fiberglass connection between the Amsterdam data center and the Woerden data center to increase redundancy and enable the Woerden facility to operate as a neutral Internet interchange for the surrounding area.