Modular Data Center Design Patented By Startup, a startup based in Quebec, has recently acquired a patent for multi-story modular data center design. The new way of building data centers is made to appeal to organizations that require the computing power of high-density facilities within a small amount of real estate.

Marc Parizeau, CTO and co-founder of, has history working with large super-computers, including one built within a cylindrical silo. In the beginning, the organization will license the design to others to actually develop new data centers. 

Of course, isn't the only organization working with a vertical data center design project. Gardner DC, e3 computing and Schneider Electric are all organizations dedicated to putting large amounts of modular, vertically stacked servers together in one place. The need for data centers within urban areas makes pursuing efficiency useful. Data centers within rural areas rarely have the same costs with regard to space.

Ultimately, it is likely that there will be more demand for these types of modular data centers with the continued rise of colocation services for large organizations. 

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