Micro Data Center Portfolio Offered By Schneider Electric

Energy management company Schneider Electric announced June 15 it would be expanding into the edge computing market with a new micro data center portfolio. The solutions are geared toward addressing latency, bandwidth and processing issues for customers.

"We are already seeing the emergence of edge applications in retail and industrial applications, and we believe the need for edge computing will only grow as the Internet of Things expands into commercial applications," said Dave Johnson, senior vice president of Data Center Solutions for Schneider Electric.

Schneider's engineered-to-order micro data center is portfolio includes power, cooling and management software, along with a data center enclosure and data center infrastructure management solution. The solutions are assembled at a Schneider Electric facility and then shipped together.

The micro data center is the newest prefabricated data center offering, predated by the modular data center and containerized data center. These kinds of prepackaged, fully functioning data center environments typically allow for higher mean time between failures and higher computing efficiency.

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