Maine Data Center Expansion Unveiled by Oxford Networks

In mid-September, telecommunications provider Oxford Networks unveiled its newly expanded Maine data center in Brunswick. The renovations to the facility, which is located in a former Navy communications center, reportedly cost $6 million to complete.

With the 7,000 square foot expansion the Brunswick data center is now 52,000 square feet in total, featuring 8,200 square feet of computing space. The location, situated at Brunswick Landing, also provides the opportunity for future expansion should client demands continue to increase. Currently, the data center serves over 60 customers.

The facility features fully redundant components, including two generators, power and cooling systems. This double approach ensures that if one system is interrupted, the Brunswick data center can continue operations by switching to the secondary component.

Oxford CEO Craig Gunderson noted that this redundancy is a critical aspect for many customers, enabling some companies to place the entirety of their computing processes in the Maine data center.

Earlier this year, Oxford Networks sold a majority share of the company to private equity firm Novacap for $50 million. This capital funded the Brunswick data center expansion.