Ireland Data Center Being Built By Apple Faces Local Resistance

An Ireland data center that Apple is attempting to build in Athenry is facing some resistance by the local community. The new single-story structure – which will measure 263,770 square feet with additional facilities for logistics, administrations, security and maintenance – may effect surrounding areas with noise pollution.

Further, the vibration caused by generators and the increased traffic could have an effect on data center staff, children and livestock being raised in the vicinity of the data center, local residents claim. These citizens have been helped by HRA planning consultants, a chartered town planning and environmental consultancy  who say the data center's location is far from other existing servers and population centers, which contradicts the original development plan for the building.

One possible way to reduce the impact that the traffic would have, as pointed out by officials in the local government, would be to use a biking path from one of the major population centers to the plant for its daily use. That would cut down on noise and traffic pollution, potentially drastically reducing the amount of problems that locals would face as a result of the plant.

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