Equinix To Provide Private Links To Alibaba Cloud Data Centers

Equinix will now be offering private links to Alibaba's set of China cloud data centers. Customers of Equinix will be able to connect directly to Alibaba's servers from any of Equinix's servers, which mirrors its strategies with Amazon Web Services, IBM SoftLayer, Verizon and the Google Cloud Platform. 

This move is part of Alibaba's plans to expand its Aliyun cloud service throughout the globe. The organization has already announced that it will be opening a California data center this year in Silicon Valley, and will also operate one with Equinix in Dubai. The goal for Alibaba is to compete with Amazon Web Services, which can only be done both with a strong set of data centers to operate alongside stable connections through many data center services. 

The deal is useful for Equinix as well, as it allows the organization to offer deeper connections into China and the greater Asia continent to its connected partners. As more organizations want to compete globally, there will be a greater push for connections between continents going to and from both areas.

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