Data Center Design Engineering Firm Deerns on Cooling Energy

When it comes to data center engineering, there are certain specific attributes that must be considered. When selecting an international engineering group, just one focused on data centers may not be in the most ‘know’ as those that have experience in other areas such as Energy Neutral Building design, Airports, Medical facilities and Clean Rooms (think semi-conductor space). When you consider the design nuances that each specific industry requires, it’s not surprising that a company like Deerns has designed energy efficient, highly redundant and secure data centers for Banks, Airports, Governments, Telecom providers and Commercial and Center Operators throughout the world.

Deerns’ project and design expertise literally spans the globe. They have experience in designing the most secure and efficient data centers throughout the US, S. America,Western Europe, Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Guld Region and throughout Asia and beyond (just in case we didn’t touch them all). What this experience means is that Deerns has experience and expertise in all climates and all conditions. It is this cross-knowledge of experience that provides Deerns with more than 500 man-year of data center experience. The company staffs over 50 data center consultants and engineers and have designed over 2 million square feet of hot floor spacd with over 600 Megawatts of IT power. Oh – and when it comes to green cooling for data centers, Deerns has successfully implemented programs that provide 80% reduction of cooling energy that have saved over $1.7 million on a 24,000 sq. ft. data center (5 MW of power). To learn more about Deerns and the right data center design for your needs, contact today.