Data Center Finance: Interoute Completes Acquisition of Vtesse

Interoute announced in early October that it had acquired the Vtesse? Group for an undisclosed amount of money.

Vtesse provides some of the world's largest companies – including IBM, Logicalis and Redstone – with LAN and WAN solutions. Aidan Paul, chairman and founder of Vtesse, plans to use the acquisition as a means to provide the company's existing customers with improved access through an international service provider. Interoute already offers services for customers in the U.S., Asia and parts of Europe and will now be able to enhance the range of its cloud services within the U.K.

"When you look at the options for European businesses wanting to take advantage of flexible, scalable cloud infrastructure, they are often limited to the public cloud providers who think Europe can be served by one European data center location connected by the public Internet," said Interoute CEO Gareth Williams. "This provides a highly resilient, secure low-latency cloud platform that businesses everywhere can benefit from."

The acquisition of Vtesse added an extra four miles of fiber within the U.K. to Interoute's existing European network, totaling more than 35 miles. With its purchase, Interoute will also acquire 55 U.K. data centers in 48 major cities across the country. One such data center is a 29,000 square foot facility in Hertfordshire that accommodates 877 racks, each with 5 kW of available power. The Tier III facility located just 25 minutes outside of downtown London will be used a disaster recovery site for Interoute's London data center.