China Data Centers Planned for Amazon and China Mobile

A number of data center operators are expanding their global service footprints, including China Mobile and Amazon, which recently announced plans for new China data centers.

China Mobile Chongqing Data Center
At the end of June, telecommunications firm China Mobile announced that it had plans in place to build a new China data center in Chongqing. The organization held a groundbreaking ceremony on June 30 to kick off the first phase of the project.

The new Chongqing data center will be built on a site in Liangjiang New Area's High-Tech Industrial Park. Overall, the facility will span 120,000 square meters and will have 13,000 equipment cabinets with the capacity to support 130,000 servers.

The company noted that its new China data center will not only expand its infrastructure in the western region of the country, but will also provide additional support for open platforms within the cloud computing and big data industries.

Amazon expands its operations into Asia
Earlier this year, Amazon announced its plans to build its 10th computing facility, a China data center on the northwest side of the continent in Ningxia. The company signed an agreement with the government there, allowing it to have several containers filled with servers offloaded in Zhongwei City.

Amazon's decision to construct its new facility in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region is beneficial for the company, as the area provides a number of advantages for data centers. The year-round cooler climate assists with heat dissipation and can also reduce cooling costs. The area is also the top region for power generation capacity per capita, and has the lowest utility costs in the country.

In addition, the China data center site will also position Amazon close to its top competition in Asia: Aliyun, an e-commerce giant in China.