CenturyLink Opens New Hydroelectric-Powered Washington Data Center

On May 13, technology solutions provider CenturyLink opened a new hydroelectric-powered Moses Lake, Washington data center. The facility, which is 85 percent powered by the nearby Columbia River, opened with 8 megawatts of power and will eventually support up to 30 megawatts.

The Washington data center, which is about 200 miles east of Seattle and about 100 miles southwest of Spokane, joins CenturyLink's already large stable of North American facilities. On just the West Coast, CenturyLink operates six Bay Area data centers and four Santa Clara data centers, among others. The company also already has three other Washington data centers.

"The central part of Washington state is one of the geographies in which I see substantial potential for further growth as a data center hub," said Kelly Quinn, research manager with IDC. "Its potential stems from the area's abundance of natural, power-generating resources, and its relative immunity from natural disasters."

CenturyLink continues to expand its services and data centers around the world. The company recently opened a Singapore data center, and at the end of April, it announced a partnership with NextDC to operate from five Australia data centers, including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra and Perth.

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