California Data Center Added By LeaseWeb

The end of October came for LeaseWeb with an announcement that the cloud provider will be partnering with Equinix to expand LeaseWeb's West Coast presence with a California data center.

The company will be operating out of Equnix's San Jose data center which conveniently compliments LeaseWeb's East Coast operation based out of a Washington D.C. data center. The California site is an IBX facility which enables LeaseWeb to access more than 50 points of presence and 33 Internet exchanges, as well as have 4.5 Tbps of capacity. While Leaseweb plans to bring its Apache CloudStack-based private cloud service to the new California data center, CEO William Schrader said the expansion is not simply about growing the reach of the company's cloud services.

"Many of our East Coast customers have requested to deploy LeaseWeb's agile and cost-efficient bare metal dedicated servers on the West Coast as well," said Schrader. "This agreement with Equinix provides them with expanded options… Our hosting offerings on the West Coast, with high bandwidth and low-latency solutions available, will also cater to the needs of the extensive gaming industry located in Silicon Valley."

Schrader added that the San Jose data center allows LeaseWeb to offer complete coverage of the entire U.S. and provides a good starting point from which to enter the Asia-Pacific region.

Along with partnering for data center operations, LeaseWeb also plans to take part in Equinix's budding cloud marketplace – a type of digital store where customers can purchase a variety of services from providers who are either hosted in an Equinix facility or partner with the company.

LeaseWeb currently manages more than 60,000 physical servers across four facilities, including a recently opened German data center and a new Singapore data center.