California Data Center Acquired by GAWK

At the beginning of November, GAWK, Inc. finalized an agreement to acquire the WebRunners, Inc. California data center. The Tier III Irvine data center was purchased through a cash and stock transaction totaling more than $1 million.

The facility was initially established by AT&T and was also used by Verio/NTT for the storage of carrier-grade equipment. The California data center's past usage makes it a perfect fit for GAWK. The company intends to leverage the facility as part of its plans to boost revenues through the acquisition of data centers which will support the increasing amounts of data being created by major wireless providers.

This recent acquisition is only the first in series of potential targets being contemplated by GAWK. The firm will utilize its growing network of data centers to enable wireless vendors to offload portions of the data created by their customers.

"GAWK has identified thirteen more firms as potential acquisition targets," noted GAWK CEO Scott Kettle. "We intend to build revenue as we roll up more data centers to solve the problem of data storage encountered by an immensely successful wireless segment."

GAWK hopes to become the largest national offloading site for cell phone data in the data center industry.