Brazil Data Center To Come From Oracle

A new Brazil data center is being deployed by Oracle to offer cloud services to more customers in South America. The new center will come online in Campinas, Sao Paulo in August of 2015. Oracle's cloud offerings here are specifically oriented toward Software-as-a-Service to new companies within the region. Brazilian businesses are moving toward the cloud model at a rate of 19.7 percent a year, demonstrating a swiftly growing market for these types of services.

There is a major call for data center services within Brazil, because current legislation states that companies must use data center services within the country. The success of this center may be only part of Oracle's expansion, however, and many believe that the company will go on to establish data centers within the wider South American region as well.

This may lead to a rise in more countries with developing technology having data centers built within their borders. As increasing regulation about data collection mounts, this will be a way to protect companies doing business in these regions.

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