Brazil Data Center for Oracle to be Completed by End of 2014

Oracle first announced plans to open a Brazil data center in October 2013. At the time, the company noted how such a facility could help bolster its cloud services and expand its Software-as-a-Service customer portfolio. Now that nearly a year has passed, Oracle recently noted that it is on track with the Brazilian data center project, and plans to have it completed by the end of 2014.

Late last year, when the news of a potential Brazil data center first went public, the organization stated that its efforts could be the first phase in a larger expansion approach throughout South America. More recently, Eduardo Lopez, Oracle Latin American applications senior vice president, said that while there are no immediate strategies in the works for South American expansion, this could change if client demands in the area continue to increase.

“As the business grows, we will distribute data centers throughout Latin America,” Lopez said, “We’ll finish one, put it in operation and then look at the next one.”

There have been concerns in the area recently about data privacy and sovereignty in connection with local content storage. Current legislation requires Brazil-based companies seeking cloud services to store their data within the country’s borders. These worries arose as Oracle began construction on its Brazil data center, however, Lopez noted that each Oracle data center uses the same level of security.

“In reality, all of Oracle’s data centers that provide cloud and Software-as-a-Service are the same, developed in the same way, and are interconnected,” Lopez said. “They are all high-tech. It’s not as if the Brazil data center will be designed in a unique way for Brazil.

Overall, the new Brazil data center will provide support for local businesses looking to make the transition to cloud services. Including the new Brazil data center, Oracle currently operates 18 facilities around the world.