Australia Data Center PoPs Established By Telstra

Australian telecom Telstra announced in September that it is establishing new points of presence in Equinix’s Sydney data center and Melbourne data center in order to better deliver services to customers that use the facilities.

The partnership was forged due to demand from Telstra’s enterprise customers, as well as those in the cloud services industry, for low latency content delivery within their Australia data centers. The new POPs will enable Telstra to expand its service and further support key IP/Ethernet traffic and cloud services to the greater Melbourne market.

?Once completed in December 2014, Equinix’s $66 million, Tier III Melbourne data center will be the first in the city for Equinix and will feature the capacity for 1,500 cabinets and cover more than 100,000 square feet. In the first stage of construction, 375 cabinets will be made available to Telstra.

“Through our global and domestic deployments in Equinix data centers, we have a strong and existing relationship with Equinix. We are in close proximity to hundreds of networks and through these networks, are closer to our customers,” said David Piltz, director of fixed and data access engineering for Telstra. “The increased network bandwidth enables Telstra to manage more international customers coming to the Australian market. Through our expanded capability in [Sydeny] and [Melbourne], Telstra will have enhanced access to service our customers who choose Equinix as their provider of choice.”

The partnership between Telstra and Equinix extends beyond Australia, with Telstra operating POPs in Equinix’s Hong Kong data center, Singapore data center and Tokyo data center.