Apple’s Reno Data Center To Get Green Updates

Apple's Reno, Texas data center is slated to double in size in the upcoming year. Apple Inc. recent filed with the state to build a 50 megawatt substation called NV Energy east of the data center to enable this large growth. As of now, it's set to use all of  its current power capacity as soon as Apple finishes its Project Mills Diablo data center complex. 

Part of Apple's push to develop its new substation has to do with a company-wide initiative for green energy. Stacey Custers, vice president of NV Energy, stated that the new solar array will provide 18 megawatts of solar generation, enough to make the entire complex run on 100 percent renewable energy sources. The new substation will be at least 22,500 square feet large in order to accommodate the needs Apple has for power.

This isn't the first time that Apple has dabbled in green energy. The tech leader has also signed a deal with SunPower to install power plants in China's Sichuan province for its information processing facilities in that region.

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