4 Reasons Nevada Data Center Sites Should Use Solar Power

There are specific operating requirements for a successful data center and one critical element is power. The power utilized by data centers can rival that of a small town and the long-term cash value of a one-cent decrease in power costs over a 10-year period per MW is approximately $797,160. This is a substantial savings making it no surprise that data center developers are considering sustainable data center power alternatives to realize a desired low PUE and achieve long-term savings.

Nevada is a prime location for data centers to utilize sustainable power options, primarily solar power. Here are 4 reasons that a Nevada data center solar powered facility is the right move:

1. Incentives. The state offers a SolarGenerations rebate program that will pay out millions of dollars in rebates annually. Beginning August 13th, 2014 Nevada energy customers can begin applying to the program.

2. Nevada is the leader in solar power production per person. Nevada produces more solar power per person than any other state in the U.S.

3. It’s sunny most of the year. The state averages over 225 days of sunshine. Reno, a city close to Apple’s latest Nevada deployment and another Nevada data center site under construction, averages over 250 days of sunshine. Take advantage!

4. Everybody is doing it. Thirteen other projects are currently under development in the state.