1,000-Megawatt Datacenter Opportunity

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Capex Summary

  • FEA Security
  • FEA Security Posted $6,800,000
  • Additional FEA Security Required $4,000,000
  • Total Security $10,800,000
  • Capital Expenditure (Substation Completion)
  • Capital Spent to Date $5,000,000
  • Remaining Substation Capital $20,000,000
  • Total Capex $25,000,000


Rare opportunity to purchase a fully permitted, ERCOT approved campus with the perpetual right to draw 1,000MW of electrical power at globally advantaged cost.

Power Infrastructure

  • Located on approximately 350 acres of land near Haskell County, Texas.
  • Facilities Extension Agreement in place with utility AEP Texas to to modify the nearby Clear Crossing Substation interconnect.
  • Construction of new 345 kV transmission line connection to ERCOT grid commenced by AEP Texas
  • Design phase ongoing for proprietary 345 kV transmission line and substation
  • Purchase orders issued for key long-lead substation equipment

Property Images