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Google has announced game-changing updates to its AI-optimized cloud, featuring fifth-generation TPUs and NVIDIA H100 GPUs. Companies like Gridspace have reported a 5x increase in AI model training speed using the TPU v5e. This move highlights the demands of generative AI and large language models, which have seen their ‘parameters’ increase tenfold annually. Another notable advancement is the introduction of Multislice technology, which supports scaling of AI models beyond the physical limits of TPU pods. This capability is expected to materially boost Google Cloud’s performance. Lastly, as Google and other hyperscalers industrialize, it is increasingly evident that compute is migrating to regional hubs of power with friendly development environments. These hubs are revitalizing our industrial stock and evolving into the central backbone of our modern compute industry.

  • India Data Centers for IBM, Netmagic

    Growing client demands for cloud services in India have caused a number of operators to take notice of the potential the marketplace has. As a result, several service providers have announced plans to open new India data centers, including IBM and Netmagic. IBM plans India data center Early this year, IBM announced that it would invest $1.2 billion in its worldwide cloud program. As part of this investment, the company is currently working out details for a new India data center to provide cloud services to clients in the country. "We would finalize the location for the Indian data center once the...

  • South Africa Data Center Unveiled by Vodacom

    Vodacom Business recently announced the opening of its new South Africa data center in Midrand. The new facility is the company's eighth in the country and was specifically created to meet the rising level of hosted cloud demands from clients in the region.The new South Africa data center will provide considerable hosting capacity for customers in the area, enabling businesses to migrate their data from on-site systems to Vodacom's share data center service infrastructure."Data Pak was conceived in response to faster than expected utilization of space in our first data center in Midrand," said Ermano Quartero, Vodacom Business South...

  • Africa Data Center Sustainability Strategy Leveraged To Cool Facility

    MTN Group announced in July that it has installed Africa's first solar cooling system at its Johannesburg, Africa data center. MTN, Africa's largest mobile telecommunications company, deployed the Concentrating Solar Cooling System in the hope that it would help mitigate issues caused by an unreliable supply of power from the national energy grid. The data center cooling system is made up of 242 solar mirrors that cover more than 5,000 square feet. The mirrors follow the sun's movements and use the absorbed energy to generate pressurized water that reaches 356 degrees Fahrenheit. The hot water is then used to power an absorption chiller that creates...

  • Minnesota Data Center Expanded by OneNeck

    OneNeck IT Solutions announced in August that the expansion of its Minnesota data center is complete and the facility is fully operational. The $12 million expansion of the data center, located in Minneapolis suburb Eden Prairie, added 6,000 square feet of raised floor space to the facility, giving the building a total of 18,000 square feet and making it one of the largest Tier III data centers in the Midwest. The expansion was necessary with the original facility at capacity and an increased demand for a Tier III provider in the area. "For our customers, this certification provides peace of mind...

  • Brazil Data Center for Oracle to be Completed by End of 2014

    Oracle first announced plans to open a Brazil data center in October 2013. At the time, the company noted how such a facility could help bolster its cloud services and expand its Software-as-a-Service customer portfolio. Now that nearly a year has passed, Oracle recently noted that it is on track with the Brazilian data center project, and plans to have it completed by the end of 2014. Late last year, when the news of a potential Brazil data center first went public, the organization stated that its efforts could be the first phase in a larger expansion approach throughout South...