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Google has announced game-changing updates to its AI-optimized cloud, featuring fifth-generation TPUs and NVIDIA H100 GPUs. Companies like Gridspace have reported a 5x increase in AI model training speed using the TPU v5e. This move highlights the demands of generative AI and large language models, which have seen their ‘parameters’ increase tenfold annually. Another notable advancement is the introduction of Multislice technology, which supports scaling of AI models beyond the physical limits of TPU pods. This capability is expected to materially boost Google Cloud’s performance. Lastly, as Google and other hyperscalers industrialize, it is increasingly evident that compute is migrating to regional hubs of power with friendly development environments. These hubs are revitalizing our industrial stock and evolving into the central backbone of our modern compute industry.

  • U.S. Data Center Planned By Alibaba

    Chinese Internet retail giant Alibaba recently announced it was planning to build a second U.S. data center. The facility will be for its cloud division, Aliyun, and will help customers with their cloud computing needs.Aliyun is China's largest cloud service provider. The new facility is part of the company's global expansion plan, which also includes the construction of Singapore data centers, Japan data centers and Europe data centers.The announcement came as the company issued a "Data Protection Pact" that guarantees its customers have absolute ownership of their data at all times, meaning Aliyun has no right to change it. This...

  • Data Center Finance: CenturyLink Expands Into Six Markets In 2015

    Communications and colocation data center services provider CenturyLink announced mid-July that it now offers around 2.6 million square feet of raised-floor space. The announcement came as a result of heavy investments and expansions in six data center markets over the past several months.The expansions have added around 10.8 MW of capacity to its portfolio, which CenturyLink strives to further develop in order to keep up with increasing demand, according to Drew Leonard, the company's vice president of colocation product management. The company now boasts a total of more than 185 MW of power."As enterprises increasingly consolidate their on-premise and sprawling data...

  • Texas Data Center On Midland College Campus Gets Upgrade

    An improvement to the college of Midland Texas' data center was completed on June 30th. On that day, Midland College, with the expertise and services of OpTerra Energy Services, made major sustainability improvements and hardware upgrades to its data center.A major part of this overhaul was the virtualization of 32 existing physical servers. All data on these drives was migrated to new cloud-based servers, and was configured and tested on site at the Midland College Data Center in order to verify their completeness. Training for desktop users was also added to make sure that the faculty and staff of the college will...

  • Data Center Finance: Colocation Market Growth By 2020

    The global colocation market is expected to be worth $51.8 billion by 2020. A new study by Allied Market Research indicated that the compound annual growth rate of the colocation market will be 12.4 percent from 2015 through 2020. Demand in North America is driven by the banking, telecommunications and IT sectors, but colocation in the energy sector will grow the fastest at a rate of 14.3 percent.Retail colocation is a larger share at present than wholesale colocation, driven by high demand for computing capacity in the range of 100​ KW to 500​ KW of power.Previous estimates indicated that the global...

  • Telx Announces Support For FASTER Cable System

    Data center solutions provider Telx announced its support for the FASTER cable system mid-July. FASTER is a transpacific, underwater network that will connect the west coast of the U.S. to the Asia Pacific region.The FASTER system, which is expected to begin operation in the second quarter of 2016, will land in the company's Oregon data center, located right outside Hillsboro. Company officials hope the cable will provide secure interconnectivity to customers on both sides of the Pacific."We are excited to develop our relationship with the FASTER consortium through the support of this cable system," said Tony Rossabi, Telx's executive vice...