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Google has announced game-changing updates to its AI-optimized cloud, featuring fifth-generation TPUs and NVIDIA H100 GPUs. Companies like Gridspace have reported a 5x increase in AI model training speed using the TPU v5e. This move highlights the demands of generative AI and large language models, which have seen their ‘parameters’ increase tenfold annually. Another notable advancement is the introduction of Multislice technology, which supports scaling of AI models beyond the physical limits of TPU pods. This capability is expected to materially boost Google Cloud’s performance. Lastly, as Google and other hyperscalers industrialize, it is increasingly evident that compute is migrating to regional hubs of power with friendly development environments. These hubs are revitalizing our industrial stock and evolving into the central backbone of our modern compute industry.

  • UK Data Center Developer Selects WiredRE for US Market Representation

    As part of the growing success story of UK Enterprise Zones, the data center at Kao Park will be at the cutting edge of science and technology campuses Las Vegas, Nevada / London, UK (September 18, 2015) — Kao Data has appointed Wired Real Estate Group Inc. (“WiredRE”) to elevate the US presence of its state-of-the-art data center at Kao Park on the outskirts of London in the United Kingdom. Kao Park is strategically located along the London-Cambridge-Stanstead corridor, an emerging innovation belt for the science and technology industry, and has historically been a center for discovery. Fiber optic cable was invented...

  • Texas Data Centers To Be Powered By Wind Farm With New HP Deal

    The Hewlett-Packard company announced in late July that it had signed a long-term deal with SunEdison, Inc. to purchase wind power to run all of HP's Texas data centers.The 12-year purchase agreement provides HP with 112 MWs which will be used to run the company's Texas operations, including its Austin data center, Houston data center and Plano data center. By working with SunEdison, HP is able to improve its data center sustainability and cut its greenhouse gas emissions by a dramatic amount. The company set a goal to reduce operational greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent from their levels...

  • Data Center Finance: Equinix Purchased Land In Silicon Valley

    Colocation services giant Equinix recently purchased land in Silicon Valley for a possible future San Jose data center. The company bought 34 acres of land close to one of its existing sites in San Jose from semiconductor provider Xilinx for $38 million.Equinix, which now has 105 data centers in 33 markets, is the world's largest data center provider. The company currently operates seven Silicon Valley data centers, totaling 448,500 square feet of data center space, and hopes to continue expanding its operations in that market. The company expects to begin building a new facility sometime in 2016."It helps us secure...

  • Data Center Finance: Containerized Data Center Market

    The global containerized data center market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 20.91 percent from 2015 to 2019, according to a recent analysis from Technavio. Containerized data centers, which are portable computing facilities that come in 20- and 40-foot long sizes, are a cost-effective option when companies are looking for data center real estate.A previous analysis estimated that the global containerized data center market would be worth $7.47 billion by 2019. The modular data center market, which includes containerized data centers, will be worth $35.11 billion by 2020. Cloud service providers, large enterprises, government agencies...

  • U.S. Data Center Planned By Alibaba

    Chinese Internet retail giant Alibaba recently announced it was planning to build a second U.S. data center. The facility will be for its cloud division, Aliyun, and will help customers with their cloud computing needs.Aliyun is China's largest cloud service provider. The new facility is part of the company's global expansion plan, which also includes the construction of Singapore data centers, Japan data centers and Europe data centers.The announcement came as the company issued a "Data Protection Pact" that guarantees its customers have absolute ownership of their data at all times, meaning Aliyun has no right to change it. This...