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Dallas Data Center Construction Started By Facebook

Jul 22, 2015

Social media giant Facebook started construction on a Fort Worth data center worth close to $1 billion. READ MORE  

Third Iowa Data Center Announced By Facebook

Jun 11, 2015

Facebook announced June 2 plans for an Iowa data center in Altoona. READ MORE  

Intel Expands Data Center Market With Altera Acquisition

Jun 09, 2015

Microchip manufacturer and technology industry giant Intel Corporation announced its purchase of Altera Corporation for $16.7 billion. READ MORE  

Data Center Investments Growing As Cloud Spending Increases

May 06, 2015

Cloud giants Amazon, Google and Microsoft released their 2015 first quarter expenditure reports and proved all of the money they have invested into data centers is paying off. READ MORE  

EMC and Iron Mountain To Continue Building Underground Data Centers

Apr 30, 2015

EMC has partnered with Iron Mountain to build underground data centers, designed to keep back-ups of critical information. READ MORE  

Iowa Data Center Receives Another Billion Dollar Investment By Google

Apr 30, 2015

Google's Council Bluffs, Iowa data center will be receiving another $1 billion from the company as an investment.  READ MORE  

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