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  Parsec Data Management   State of Montana

Missouri Data Center Tax Breaks Signed Into Law

Apr 16, 2015

Jay Nixon, the governor of Missouri, signed a bill this April passing tax incentives for data centers. READ MORE  

Rio de Janeiro Data Center To Be Expanded By Equinix

Apr 16, 2015

Equinix is planning to expand its Rio De Janeiro data center.  READ MORE  

Virginia Data Center Fraud Uncovered

Apr 16, 2015

Paul Allen, a supposed data center entrepreneur has plead guilty to three counts of bank fraud and one count of conspiracy. Allen had promised to build a $37 million data center in Virginia. READ MORE  

Oregon Data Center Opened By Google

Apr 15, 2015

Google is expanding its presence in Oregon with a new data center in The Dalles. READ MORE  

California Data Center Owned By CenturyLink Gets Natural Gas Power Plant

Apr 15, 2015

CenturyLink announced in early April that it has deployed an on-site natural gas power generation plant to fuel the expansion of its California data center. READ MORE  

New York Data Center Opened by

Apr 13, 2015, a Florida based regional colocation business, recently expanded its cloud data center offerings. The VPS business expanded to a New York data center, following its growth in Dallas, Toronto and San Francisco. Abroad, is set to expand into Singapore and the U.K. READ MORE  

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