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Limestone Mine Property for Data Center Development

Jun 20, 2015

Now available, Mega Mountain’s huge, 60 acre unique interior space is the result of years of uniform mining of limestone. Its open space consists of long crisscross aisles approximately 32’ wide and 27’ high from the level stone floor to the level stone ceiling. These aisles crisscross each other in a checker board grid pattern […] READ MORE  

Data Center Map and Provider List Service Upgraded by WiredRE

Jul 17, 2014

Data Center List service upgraded to include new data center markets, regional news, and data center mapping of providers by nation, state, city, and street. Las Vegas, NV – July 17, 2014 – The data center industry is growing dramatically in the US and abroad. Equinix, Digital Realty, and DuPont Fabros alone will spend over […] READ MORE  

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